Monday, July 24, 2006

Meeting of the minds...

Wow, I wonder what I'm building behind that door? May the speculation begin!

And yes, that is the door to the bathroom, I had no other door to get the right shot, I'm not really building in there, I just needed it for the symbolism part. Enough said.

Go speculate... NOW!


Ted said...

Maybe he's cloneing a Dinosaur with spots?

Jeff said...

Has there ever been a more significant group of brilliant intellects gathered for a single purpose before in the history of the world? I think not.

Except for that one time when Dan and I got together to decide where to go to get doughnuts.

Well, since Panthro is working on it, it will probably end up having the word "thunder" in the title somewhere.

Anonymous said...

Is he building a crib?

Gladis said...

I bet he's building a ceiling fan that runs on the floor instead.


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