Saturday, December 31, 2005

Top Five toys of 2005!

#1 Optimus Prime: Cybertron

Most fun with Prime I have had in years. Great design, playability, and homage to the original.

#2 Star Wars Attacktix

Everything from the Revenge of the Sith toy lines were great this year. Too great, I spent waaaay more then I should. But heck this is the last time right? Attacktix put a new spin on Star Wars toys for me, and truely created a monster inside for collecting. The grab bag style of boxes is just mean (at least let me see one out of the three).

#3 Snake Eyes from GI Joe Sigma Six.

What a great new direction for GI Joe toys, a fussion between old and somewhat old to make new! The package design in itself is a work of art (and nasty to open too). I can't wait to find a Cobra Commander!

#4 Batman Begins

Nice collection of figures and accessories. The joints are plentiful and the Dark Knight looks like he did in the flick.

#5 Mega Block's Magnetic Knights

I am entertained with these things. So very original with the joints being magnets, you can pose them in a 1000 and 1 ways!

What will 2006 bring? probably bankruptcy. I'm thinking about giving myself a small budget for the year, or maybe a small limit (only three boxes of series three attacktix!!!) so I can keep things in perspective. Perhaps this blog will keep me in check.

Happy New Year!

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