Friday, December 02, 2005

Some lucky splurging today.

For once I bought an Attacktix booster pack that didn't contain a Chewbacca! As I said earlier, Kit Fisto was a favorite Jedi of mine. How does he get his dread-alien-locks to do that? It's nice to actually have a Clone Commander that is labeled right. My other one is tagged as a Neimodian guard. Jango is always welcome (anyone ever beat Bounty Hunter for Gamecube or PS2, I can't get my way out of the Spice Factory yet, that place is way too dangerous, too many super high cliffs, jumps, skiffs, and bad guys. I keep thinking I near the end...then i find another room of torture). And kicking Obi-won is Great! Its nice to have an Attacktix that doesn't use the traditional methods for attack. It's funny too because he spins awkwardly around on his hips sometimes making it look like he has a massive leg injury. Play on!

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