Thursday, December 29, 2005

2006 Bionicle's are Bizarre!

Meet Bionicle-Piraka, Zaktan, "The Snake"

This guy is just weird. Just weird. Where to start? They shoot flourescent spheres now, that go a pretty good distance, so that is a good thing. They have a complicated mask attached backbone which seems to fall off easy, so that is a bad thing. They have huge white pearly teeth that makes them look really happy, scary, or maybe silly? The container comes with an extra mask that does not snap onto the Bionicles head, wasting a good mask (it would have been a perfect replacement for the mask/backbone system if you didn't want to use it). The green guy has scissor hands, cool, but will they teach kids (and me) the wrong lessons? Their heads light up when you press a button, but don't all toys do that now a days? Overall I'm not too impressed. 1st and 3rd generation Bionicles are still the very best. This one might make a better villian.

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