Sunday, March 16, 2014

1988 Lego Space Futuron Sets

My un-vaulted Lego bin keeps giving...

1988 Lego Space Futuron Sets! Again, I figured I would have less than 50% of the parts to complete any of these old sets. Turns out I had closer to 95%!!! Futuron sets where like the Next Generation of Lego Space sets. You can even see it in the uniforms...

I completely forgot about the Lego Futuron Twin-Winged Spoiler 6828 until I saw instructions online. I knew those strange wing pieces did something cool, they turn into legs! I so have a walking lego leg space fetish!

The Lego Futuron Hovercraft 6875 was an all time favorite of mine for throwing down the stairs, exploding, and rebuilding. Fun Fact: Side pods detach into drones.

The Lego Futuron Strategic Pursuer 6848, is another leg walking set. This one had really good articulation for a late 80's toy set.

I almost have enough pieces for another Futuron set, but I can't figure what they are for yet. Maybe I got a few spare parts from friends. Such fancy sets of yesterday!

Then there is this older space set. I'm just not sure which set its from. Either 885 Space Scooter or 6803 Space Patrol. Hmmmm, I have parts for either.

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