Monday, March 10, 2014

1986 Lego Alien Moon Stalker 6940

After seeing Benny in "The Lego Movie" I was really curious to see how my ancient Lego collection was doing in my Parent's basement depository. I was pretty sure that my 1986 Lego Alien Moon Stalker would be in dire shape, missing at least half of its pieces. Turns out, I had enough to rebuild it, with just a few substitutions!

Probably one of my all time favorite Lego sets ever made, because of its many features. A quadrupedal walker (like a Star Wars AT-AT), with two detachable side ships, and two missiles carried in its center.

The flexible gripper arm is more awesome than you can dream awesome.

I have two extra Space Minifigures, which I am not sure what they are from, but they are a nice addition to the team. One space missile is incomplete. I am more than thrilled that I have my original set, and did not have to find someone else's through eBay.

Also in the bin of Legos, that I had to rebuild from, was a Blacktron Space Walker!!! I apparently have something for walking Lego ships? Again, amazing that I had enough of the pieces to rebuild.

(The guy on the red bike is clearly a serial killer btw.)

And for a quick insane size comparison with the newer Star Wars AT-AT!

So glad I took the time to look, and rebuild the Moon Stalker. Also glad the internet has all the instructions still around, and a tablet to work from! This set will again be displayed and played for years to come.

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