Friday, July 12, 2013

ThunderCats Fan Art from The Toy Museum's Curator

It has been years since I last did anything full scale artistic. I used to draw comics all the time, with binders full of stick figure adventures.  I am obviously more into video creation and editing these days, and had no plans of anything drawn.  IDStormTroopers suggested I try some Thundercats fan art. I was wary, because when I think of fan art, I think amazing one character focus that I simply can't do (or do well). My style, if it still existed, was small rough ink drawings, then making a lot of them. I guess Where's Waldo like. So I got motivated to try a few drawings one day, and it ballooned into a big time project.

I did draw heavily from show screen-shots and even from a few toys, so many of these are visual traces, but I think several have a bit of Dan in them. I did draw some vary obscure characters. The full layout is all my doing. The project took about three weeks to complete. The pen drawings went fast, but the painting was very tedious.

The full size is 14"x 11" and I had Walgreens print me up one on Canvas, which looks so Awesome! 

So that is my art for the decade (Or unless I get some new energy for a Masters of the Universe piece, say maybe in winter time).  Let me know if you would like a print file, again Walgreens gets it done in less then an hour.

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