Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Icer Masters of the Universe Classics

Apparently I was really cold last spring, so that and I got conned into purchasing the Matty Collector Filmation Subscription series, all because I wanted an Icer figure so badly.  It was also one of those "fate" things, where I was watching old Masters episodes on Netflix, and happened to see the Icer episode (somewhere in season 2 I believe).  I had completely forgot about this obscure character and really wanted a piece of the cold. Turns out he was a very rare figure, so that was a no go. Then, like 2 days later, Matty had Icer on their to do list. So I bought into the whole subscription thing (of course now I am getting five more really obscure figures!).

In retrospect, I should have just bought a Captain Cold figure and removed his clothing. 

If the bio didn't remind you of the episode, it also involves a bratty English speaking boy (which is weird that the accent is on Eternia), who gets transfered to the weather station after some dim witted high-jinks.

Icer however, was really hot and fits perfectly into Skeletor's minion pyramid schemes. As a figure, He turned out pretty well. He has some nice white airbrushing all over his naked body, a nice snowy blue. He is provided with two accessories; an icicle and a golden staff.

I am glad I got a chance at getting him, I am just not sure why I did the whole sub thing, when I probably could go the Ebay route. Whatever I did, I have bungled my way through this whole Matty campaign of Masters figures, getting the weirdest assortment that even the neighbor kid is left scratching his head.

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