Thursday, December 08, 2011

Batman with Torn Tights

You can't get any more basic than this Batman in torn tights. Another Grocery Outlet gem, Batman here comes with... well, nothing but a torn up costume. I am assuming the factory made about one billion of them, as every year at this time, another block of Batman figures like this one, are thrown up on the shelves. I will take it though. Maybe I will run into a situation where I need a less then spiffed up Batman.

He is of the same style as this Silver suit/cape Batman I found a few years back. I like how the fabric cape is draped around his shoulders and neck. Although, it bounces around a little more, then the normal neck capes.


jboypacman said...

I see these alot at the Discount stores along with the Joker and Two-Face.

Bubbashelby said...

This one originally came in a two pack with the final animated Catwoman (all black outfit,) so the tears in his costume made a bit more sense at the time.

Super-Duper ToyBox said...

i passed on this one recently for 5 bucks- i kicked myself a few times though, 'cause he's cool


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