Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Yellow Ranger and Nerve Hammer

Bart got me a Yellow Ranger for my birthday. He was a little late, but that was okay. I haven't opened any of the figures yet, I like looking at them in the package at the moment. I did open the mighty Megazord and was really blown away on how cool it was! I thought the plastic and stickers would make it less cool, but instead they enhanced it. The toy felt really original and that if I were still five, it would be my favorite toy. For a combiner all five pieces felt important too. Even the Pterodactyl with its hollow back side. I am sure I will do something more creative with it for show soon.

The fire car has been found! Its really red and pretty. Can't see too well from my picture but it has a golden fire bird on the hood. I can't wait to start hunting for greeny.

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