Wednesday, April 14, 2010

This just in: The Yellow Ranger is shaped like a woman!

At least early on, there were some really bad proportioned lady Rangers. Usually just the standard guy figure, repainted as the Yellow or Pink Ranger. I think I even once saw a guy proportioned ranger with added breasts to pass as a girl Ranger. Or worse, the guy figure with breasts who was passed as a girl Ranger, then passed back to guy Ranger. Anyways, some really sick looking Rangers are out there!

But this new Yellow Ranger looks like a girl, and not some sort of freak of nature!

The Yellow Ranger's Butt number placement kind of stands out. Its hard to see the numbers on the other colors, which makes me wonder how the Black one turned out.

She completes my Primary Color Power Ranger Team. Now she can work with the Blue Ranger to make the Green Ranger. At least I think that is how the Green Ranger was made? It has been awhile since I saw that prophecy.

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