Thursday, November 05, 2009

GI Joe tRoC; Dragonhawk XH1 with a handle on the bottom

Best part of taking care of you sister's cat, is the spoils. Spoil number 1 is the GI Joe Rise of Cobra Dragonhawk XH1.

When I saw it in her GI Joe stash, I says to myself, that's mine now!

Note how the side missile compartments pop out.

Wild Bill in updated movie attire. I like the baby blue one too from old school cartoon. I will name him, Dark Wild Bill.

So yeah, a handle on the bottom. For Snake Eyes to grab on. Looks dangerous.

#1 Rule, don't let Frankenstein be you mechanic.

Watched the new movie again this week, now on the revolutionary DVD format. Better the second time, as some of the plot holes from first time viewing were explained. Destro needed the money first from NATO, then he needed his warheads back. They shot the Eiffel tower as it had lots of metal to start with, and it was symbolism for CNN. Ripcord was a pilot for crop dusting as a youth, which was similar to piloting a stratosphere city skipping jet. Duke's comment about Destro re-arming the tracking suitcase was very passionate. Storm Shadow tells Snake Eyes "When our Master was murdered (killed can't remember)" - never directly linking him to it. There's more to that story. Still an excellent GI Joe take.

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