Tuesday, February 03, 2009

My Spider Friend is back?! In February?!!

I was amazed to see my spider friend outside by the window this morning. I thought surely she perished during November, December and January. It was slightly warmer and sunny yesterday afternoon, so she must have decided to rebuild the web. Didn't look finished, and she looked about frozen on a few strands of web. I think she must have survived inside the window near the recessed rail. That window is bad, water once came inside from washing them with a power hose. So I guess heat leaked out and warmed the spider. Now will she last until spring when bugs return for lunch? Or will the egg sack she unknowingly unknown to Dan placed inside the widow frame will mature and in a few more weeks, thousands will be in the apartment making webs all over the toys!

Its getting time for a new camera, I took dozens of shots but only a tiny few came out half focused!

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