Saturday, February 21, 2009

Indiana Jones: Temple of Doom Figures

When I heard stories that Hasbro cancelled the current Indiana Jones line I sort a freaked out. But with some quick thinking, and a few favors, I was able to snag a case of Temple of Doom figures! Of course, I have to report to work at a Chinese toy factory on Monday morning, I think it was well worth it. I never ordered a 'case' of action figures before, it was kind of scary if I would even get the ones I wanted. With the newest wave possibly canned, I could have ended up with a bunch of Ugha Warriors from Crystal Skull, but my luck was good and I got what the order was for.

I wanted Temple of Doom toys the most because they are the most fun characters from the movies. They should provide lots of silly antics for the museum. Especially Mola Ram, what is with that guy?!

The down side to the case is lots of extra figures that I already had or, had now have extra of had. Anyone need a Raiders Indy with Idol or Rocket Launcher Indy?

I like the beat up Indy figure, I need to build a bridge for him to cut down.

I like how the package points out "With Sword!"

I can't even imagine the pain Indy's finger is in being stuck in that package for so long!

I will have to show more of these, stay around.


Bubbashelby said...

I might be convinced to take a Raiders Indy off your hands, just for the mere sake of having an Indy toy. LMK your terms!

Mario! said...

Cool! I'll probably never get the Temple of Doom figures, so I'll make do with envying yours. I bought my first case of figures last year (I needed those clone repaints!), and it is quite a different experience.

LEon said...

Hey Dan you work in a chinese Toy factory? Where? You are not in china right?

Dan said...

Bubbashelby-its free as long as I can figure how to send it.

Mario- a case of Clones would be perfect. My favorite clone is just the basic first one from AotC. I saw some new ones this weekend that I am tempted to.

LEon-I wish! no I live in Idaho. My Dad's workshop in his basement has chinese factory conditions though. Big house full of windows, he works in a large storage closet under the stairs!

Bubbashelby said...

Yay! Free toys rule!

As for "how," I suggest putting it in a box and taking it to the post office, but then I always have been rather traditional lol.


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