Saturday, January 10, 2009

Valley of the Pharaohs by Front Porch Classics

Check this game out!

I'm not the biggest gamer in the family. I have been known to abandon my friends, and pledge allegiance to the sworn enemy for an easy way out. This Valley of the Pharoahs game has caught my cool radar for sure. To start, its packaged in a book box. Perfect for a decoy book shelf, makes visitors think I'm well read.

Lots of interesting pieces and effects come with this game! The main board is made from fabric, feeling like an old lost treasure map. Camels are the players pieces, real metal coins for money, and cardstock for the various keys and tile pieces.

A variety of cards help and hinder you on your way to uncover the Sceptre of Amun-Ra, your goal to winning the game!

Did I tell you it comes with a 'Wheel of Fate' yet? You choose to spin if your are at Oases (which helped me almost win the game the first time I played). The wheel is real nicely crafted as well.

Who ever rolls doubles controls the mummy! The Mummy is used to follow, and steal a turn from other players. Its fun to control the Mummy. But scary when the Mummy is following you!

The game also comes with this silica packet!

Okay that last item wasn't as exciting as I thought, but the game is still wildly fun. My first run through of three players, was pretty close, made for an exciting game. I lucked out and found my copy on clearance at Burlington Coat Factory of all places (there was a coat stuffed in the box too I guess). Its also on clearance right now at amazon for a tiny amount of ten bucks! I recommend you try it out, if your looking for something else to play.

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