Wednesday, January 07, 2009


I've seen Hound pop up on several toy blogs early this year, he must be a fan favorite. Here he is making tracks in my carpet. I'm a bit disappointed in him in that he is too complicated to transform quickly. I'm getting too old and stupid for Transformers, so I like them when they are a no brainer and fast to transform, like the original transformers, very blocky and simple. But he looks good in vehicle form and that is how most of my Classics are formed in, so I'll keep it for now.


Josh Miller said...

You must be getting old. Hound is one of the easier to transform toys I can think of in recent memory.

Well, ok, I get a little bit of an issue with the wheels.

Also, I'll admit that this is coming from someone who hasn't even opened a Transformers instruction sheet in years.

Bubbashelby said...

I'm also looking forward to getting this one. What're your thoughts on Ravage?

Dan said...

After a few times, I think I am getting the hang of him, but still think it could be easier. As for the clear as mud instructions, I think they make it even harder!

I think my Ravage is damaged! his back hip pin is real wobbley and it makes his back end come apart. His cassette isn't very solid as well. I'll take the original any day.


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