Monday, May 05, 2008

Immediate Controversy

Well I feared this might happen. Cobra AND the GI Joe team have both hit me with formal complaints that the figure counts were inaccurate. Cobra claims that a clearance figure can not be counted as a full figure, and therefore the Duke count should be dropped down to eight. Duke meanwhile, is furious that 'just a head of Cobra Commander' can be counted as a figure and that count should be dropped to eight. Duke went even farther saying that the legs and arms of the damaged commander might not even be his, but a common troopers appendages mixed into the bag of old damaged GI Joes.

To make matters worse...

The Toy Museum some how forgot to count Iron Grenadier Destro in the Destro figure count. Destro wants to have that immediately corrected in the official counts, where as Snake Eyes claims that the official count has passed, and that Destro must wait ten full years until a recount post series is made.

Then there is the other issue of Firefly, Beach head, Flint, and General Hawk all wanting their own figure counts. They claim that they are on par with the Zartans, and its not fair if Zartan gets his own post.

Today's a nice day outside. I think I better go there.

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