Friday, February 08, 2008

Solar Quest The board game

Friday lunch game day continues with Solar Quest with Star Wars Micromachines used as game pieces. A long stretch yes, but Star Wars still included. Someone smart back in 1986 decided to make a game like no other, a real estate game based in the Solar System with Fedrons, and monopolies of moons, and special Red Shift cards. This completly original game took the world by storm. It even is used as an actual game at Krusty Burgers nation wide. Once I won a free ice cream cone, playing this game.

We only played for about an hour and fifteen minutes, but for once there is no clear winner. We all stopped with about the same properties, and about the same Fedrons. There are still lots of moons left to buy, so the game can still go in any favor. I look forward to visiting Uranus, I Red Shifted passed Uranus last time. Uranus.

This was the first time I actually played the game with the fuel system. Basically every time you leave a moon or planet, you are charged the amount of fuel equal to your dice roll. You can refuel at your own stations, or buy at your opponents stations for a huge price. This gives the game a nice bit of stress, as you watch your tanks empty out and end up stranded on Phoboes or something. There are also 'laser' battles! I never knew this game had 'laser' battles!!! If you roll two sixes in a 'laser' battle you can kill your opponent completly out of the game. Thats crazy! Can you imagine having tons of money, lots of great property, and then just DIE. But that's space I guess, very hostile.


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