Monday, February 18, 2008

Ace! Don't land there!

Ace tragically bailed out on the section of the couch held by the Crimson Guard Commanders.

Finally some new GI Joe's show up in town. But what is worse, is yet to come. According to my Toy Fair 2008 research, this will be a heavy hit wallet year. A ton of new GI Joe stuff is around the corner, Indiana Jones stuff a plenty, More Star Wars stuff, and Transformers Classics continues!!! I need an attack plan, or I'm going poor. I think I can stay clear of Transformers, I OD'd on those last year. All I need are a couple more Star Wars figures, to cap that addiction for a while. And I think, I can get just a few Indiana Jones toys, most look kind of silly.

But the GI Joe stuff? All they have to do is add a different hat, or paint scheme and I'm suckered. I bet you, I didn't need to get this Ace yesterday. I'm sure a Sky Striker plane is going to be released sometime distantly soon with, guess Ace, will have to come with it--he's the main credited pilot for flying one of those darn things (but maybe he will have his full parachute???) (Its already going to happen with Serpentor (his Chariot, not parachute)). Its nice when they do the repeats with the soldiers though, for troop building. And I guess, I can bring the repeats to work for my desk scenery (really for my coworkers, to put in sick and disturbing positions when I'm not there!)

See, I told you.


Although, what was Hasbro thinking with that Server Droid?!!

Perfect, how many Darth Vader's do I need?

Apparently four.

AND, I did open one of those finally.

I do need that 'chromey' headed Destro with the Weather Dominator.

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