Monday, October 24, 2005

Toy Toy Arm Wrestling 2! The Makuta vs. Mr Fantastic!

The toys are back for another exciting arm strength compitition! This time The Makuta is back, fresh off his explosive victory over Optimus Primal! Will the forces of Good prevail this time? We will find out now, as Mr Fantastic challenges The Makuta in a legendary battle to the end. And here comes the players...

And we begin the test of strength!

What! Can he do that? Is that Allowed?


It looks like this is going to be allowed... Mr. Fantastic has brought a win to the forces of good. WOW, I have never witnessed such a surprise. The Makuta is rolling on the ground in agony as he now goes to 1-1! This will send shock waves through the toy shelves!

What force of Evil will challenge Good? Only time will tell. Thanks for tunning in to another great Toy Arm Wrestling compitition!

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