Thursday, October 06, 2005

The addiction continues!

I am pretty sure my status as an oober nerd has been secured. I have now gone to "outside sources" to secure my Star Wars Attacktix addiction. Also, the discovery of the rare silver bases have made collecting an even deadlier practice. Yes, there was an incident at Target. An incident that I thought I could control, yet could not resist the temptation of looking inside a few boxes that had already been opened. Now I NEVER was the one responsible for the original box opening, I make that clear. I might have accidentally spilled out the attacktix figures from these boxes and sorted them into a more flavorfull grab bag. And then nicely put the unwanted ones back in there place. In my world, I am doing Target a favor, I bought a damaged pack, right? right? Well in the end it worked out nicely because I found a rare Emperor, a silver based trooper, and a nice Grievious body gaurd. The punishment was that one of the boxes had a Bail Organa in it, which also coincidentally arrived in my mail today from an "Outside source."

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