Saturday, April 11, 2015

Sick Bricks Get Sucked into the Game Minifigures And Building Sets! Ace Orbit is cool.

Sick Bricks a new Brick Minifigures and Game collection has caught me eye as a nice silly way to pass the day. The Minifigures are simply four stud bricks with a head on top (maybe a hair piece), and an arm. Their cleverness lies in the design, with spacemen, robots, monsters, etc. You can even multi-stack up a nice totem-figure. You can collect the figures in many ways, like the two figure packs with Ace Orbit and Tiberious Warpspeed...

Medium building sets, with one figure and something to fight, like Bucky Blastoff and Berserker Bot...

Larger Multipacks...

A very fun collection of dudes. The toys are scannable into a game, which is okay fun. Each character has their own awesome attack, and look pretty amusing. Game play was so-so, but maybe it will improve as I figure it out.

I am mainly interested in the cute variety of fun minifigures, which will work with other building sets like Lego and Mega Bloks too.

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