Monday, January 12, 2015

Plants vs Zombies K'nex Series 2 Mystery Packs and a few codes

Series 2 of the popular Plants vs. Zombies K'nex toys are finally showing up, maybe, around town, soon sort of. I picked up mine through an reseller. So far, no word on the street. The 8 figures are mostly repaints, or slight add-ons to what we saw with Series 1 and the other building sets. I am a fan though, and like to build up a larger army, and these packs give you that option.

A fun grouping of characters includes, Cabbage-Pult, Bonk Choy (in transparent green), Snow Pea, Infi-Nut, Conehead Mummy, Pirate Zombie, Frozen Zombie, and the Prospector Zombie. Again, many are in the larger sets, but this saves you from getting those. 

Since I bought a few of these already open, I only got the codes for three. So please help fill up the numbers in the comments!

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