Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Star Wars Command Army Men Style! Death Star Strike Set, Roll Crash Destroy!

So Star Wars is back at it again with another new old kind of collection. Army Men figures! The sets contain lots of different plastic figures from all over the Star Wars Saga. Vehicles are also involved in the sets, some on plastic stands, other on roller stands that you can use to attack (watch out, they will number the display stand as a vehicle on box). The figures have good size to them about 2" tall, some are a little more fancy with one or two paint apps.

I like the Storm Troopers the best in the series, and I might need to find a better opponent then the Rebel Pilots for them to shoot at (SO BRIGHTLY ORANGE). I can't see myself go too nuts on the series though, as I already have nicely full sufficient collections of figures, and Attacktix too.


John Gaither said...

I saw these over the weekend and was thinking it was some sort of game but I guess its just "army men" which to me is kind of cool.

Dex said...

It's about as much of a game as those Battle Pod things.

Super-Duper ToyBox said...

Fun! I'd buy that :)

Dan said...

Good point Dex, forgot about those quickly I did!

aliakbor said...

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Anonymous said...

I bought a load of these the other week and have been painting them. They are a joy to paint.
Some pictures here.


Anonymous said...

i want the whole collection so i can poze them and maybe do some stop motion!:)


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