Friday, May 23, 2014

McDonalds Happy Meal Pokemon X and Y Toy Collection Review!

Changing it up this time, Happy Meal tries a Pokemon style toy game (no figures). The Poke Balls or Pucks shoot out a disc that pops up a Pokemon character. You can set your game piece to an X, O, or Square for some Rock Paper Scissors style action. Each toy has a different Poke ball color, making for a very pretty collection. I don't think you need to collect all 12, maybe just a few of your favorites. They all look really nice, and shoot pretty far. Look for them now and throughout the next few weeks.

Characters included are #1 Chespin, #2 Pikachu, #3 Blastoise, #4 Fenneking, #5 Pancham, #6 Venusaur, #7 Froakie, #8 Xerneas, #9 Charizard, #10 Helioptile, #11 Yveltal, and #12 Mewtwo!

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