Friday, February 07, 2014

Quick Thoughts on The Lego Movie!

The Lego Movie staring Lego Minifigures and lots of bricks was pretty darn amazing. I would say it opened very ADHD with lots to take in, settled into a curious story, and ended profoundly tear jerking, affecting my soul to the core. Deep.

I was not expecting so many official Minifigures to make appearances, as well as past sets, themes, even set identification numbers. Also a ton of stars, to name just one, C3P-O Anthony Daniels.  I was worried that the new Minifigure characters would feel made up for re-sell, but that was not the case, many are now instant classics, including the strange cat figure character. I heard several audience members of old yell out, "I had that set when I was a kid!!"

Amazing animation with emphasis on Stop Motion. In recent years many animated movies felt flat or stale, this appeared very fresh and clever. Seeing explosions made of brick and lasers used with laser pieces was awesome. Good voice over work too.

So of course, obviously, a guy who runs a toy blog recommends it, (what a shocker). Go see it, I hope to see one more time in the theatre.

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