Thursday, January 02, 2014

State of The Toy Museum 2014

- Dire - Ha ha, Just kidding... Sort of.

So we begin 2014 at the Old The Toy Museum. The tenth year of operation (well, more like 8, but split years make it sound like more).  I mostly do video reviews now, as getting out the camera for just photos seems like a lot of effort. Maybe I will try for more informal posts like these, but the success of this Toy Museum has always been no ultimatums. I will just plan on continuing the rollout of random toy stuff for the upcoming year.

Lots of things going on at the tail end of last year 2013, including the old supposedly new Furnace breaking down on the 20th of December and almost killing the family (exaggerated). Luckily we got a new one, under "Sort-of" warranty, and did not "completely" destroy Christmas. Goodman brand not so good by the way.

I moved my office/toy display/studio room, for like the third time in three years, to the front room. I wanted it to look more professional, as family and friends will walk by it all the time. I did manage to repaint the office, with help from IDStormTroopers, and place some new shelves. I dismantled some older toy bookcase shelves for a more simpler and professional display. I did not plan well on my Prime Shrine, as some of the best Primes didn't fit on the shelf. I must have almost 50 Primes now, and it is my favorite collection to look at these days.

As for the other shelves I went with just a fun mixture of everything (just realized I need to get Lion-O up there). Sort of like my Toy Museum Title bar. This way I can mix and refresh it out once and awhiles.

By the way, that darn new Castle Grayskull came in. Its glorious in all creation, just too big, and I can't even wrap my head around it for a review yet.

I painted the room mid-tone gray to help with better light for video work. So far its been working well. I have toy bin drawers set up near by so when I need a Juggernaut or a Merman they are seconds near by.

I really like the display a mixture approach right now, with some boxed and open toys. Nice to see you Captain Planet!

Only the best are out right now, Sky Lynx, George, and Rancor, and He-Man are finally back out where I can see them!

I picked up this old 80's GI Joe case at Timezone Toys (reseller), and I am really debating on re-buying all my favorite 1986-87 Joes to fill it up. I have lots of reissues (not including 25th anniversary stuff), but they are not the same as the originals.

So that is the current game plan, same as before, continuing on...

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