Friday, June 21, 2013

Some more Star Wars Cantina Aliens...

I went over to my favorite local toy reseller today and found a nice supply of Cantina aliens! I have almost pulled the trigger on these guys several times on Ebay, but delayed as shipping starts making them a little high. Finding stuff locally is all the more fun anyways!

The Quarren dude on the right is actually Jabba the Hutt's accountant, but I am sure he frequents the cantina for a few drinks now and then.

I had to take the coat off Ketwol the Pacithhip, to highlight his stilts. At first I thought he had bionic legs, but in reality his normal legs are just really stumpy. A set of starched pants help cover them up too.

Djas Puhr has some of the most bendy skinny weaponry I have ever seen in a toy.

Ellorrs Madak reminds me of Kif from Futurama. He was one of the aliens I had on my short short list, so I was super excited to find him. Tessek has some great hands too.


John Gaither said...

Excellent Dan congrats on the finds.

The Rebel said...

Great haul Dan. Always great to see these cantina aliens! I'm trying to track down Bo Shek myself top no avail....*sigh*

Dan said...

Wow! how did I not know there was a Bo Shek, he is on my list now. I wonder if I passed right over him???

Marco Washington said...

Nice find there. I picked up Ketwol and Djas Puhr not long ago myself, given their age they're great figures. Do wish Djas Puhr had better guns though.

Hobgoblin238 said...

I want! I love those old blasting shots that they added to the guns.


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