Friday, June 21, 2013

Some more Star Wars Cantina Aliens...

I went over to my favorite local toy reseller today and found a nice supply of Cantina aliens! I have almost pulled the trigger on these guys several times on Ebay, but delayed as shipping starts making them a little high. Finding stuff locally is all the more fun anyways!

The Quarren dude on the right is actually Jabba the Hutt's accountant, but I am sure he frequents the cantina for a few drinks now and then.

I had to take the coat off Ketwol the Pacithhip, to highlight his stilts. At first I thought he had bionic legs, but in reality his normal legs are just really stumpy. A set of starched pants help cover them up too.

Djas Puhr has some of the most bendy skinny weaponry I have ever seen in a toy.

Ellorrs Madak reminds me of Kif from Futurama. He was one of the aliens I had on my short short list, so I was super excited to find him. Tessek has some great hands too.

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