Monday, May 27, 2013

Kre-O Transformers Devastator & Superion

Kreon Devastator his been busy doing construction on set...

I like these guys. They are good for the buck, as there are several stages of setup. I skipped the individual robot modes today. Most likely, I will leave them in combiner mode for the rest of eternity.

The only prob I have with the combiner mode, is the waist pegs to torso slip out too easily. A few other spots can be weak too for dropping pieces. On the other hand, Devastator's main joints are strong, and hold up well.

I found Superion this weekend on an fast dash, three day road trip to Sacramento, for a wedding. I flew through Toys R Us in about five minutes, picked up what I needed, and got out. After seeing that fancy TRU, maybe our local new one won't be such a bad idea (its open too, I have not yet gone).

Now I just need to find a Bruticus for ultimate fighting time.

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