Sunday, December 02, 2012

Snout Spout! Masters of the Universe Classics

Once I found out that the Classics Castle Greyskull that I pre-ordered was a go, I sort of freaked out that I didn't have much of the Classics figures to go with it. I have avoided the line for many reasons; cost, difficulty, and preferred 200x lines. However, there are several figures of late that were never made for 200x, and would make for some great fun. 

Then Matty Collector had that insane Black Friday/ Cyber Monday sale, that had me hoarding up many, many figures, for a great deal. Heck even shipping was reduced. I think its safe to say I have enough figures for He-Man to fight off now. Snout Spout was a character from years ago, that I almost forgot about. He was not apart of the He-man cartoon, as it was finished by his time. I guess he made it to the She-Ra cartoon, and I am pretty sure I have seen them all, but just can't recall it yet.

Where ever he is from, he is total Masters of the Universe material, with his standard funky color body, blue underpants, and elephant head gimmick. I guess he is the resident firefighter; stores water in backpack, and has some life saving weapons.

He is really a fantastic Classics figure. Very vibrant in an elephanty goof ball way. His trunk looks to be made of a softer plastic that can be moved slightly for some good shots. The trunk does show some wrinkles when bent too much. It will be interesting to see the long term effects of that plastic.

If I had any thing to say bad, it would be how his backpack fits to the body harness. No main peg that fits directly into back (which makes for a nice clean back), but four spots of attachment. If you don't fit it in right, it can fall of easily, but this is really nit-picky.

I am so glad to get this guy, as he is so weird. I hope to show some more of the assortment I ordered on video, as there are many stories to tell.

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