Saturday, November 03, 2007

Sandman Build a figure

Oh great, here we go again, another challenge of collecting. I might actually be able to resist collecting the whole series, because I already have a mean Green Goblin, Spiderman, and Doc Ock. If i buy a New Goblin I get the Sandman's Head. And if I buy the Sandman, I get his left foot with a figure and another left foot. I wouldn't mind a Black-Suited Emo Spider-Man.

It was pretty tricky getting Mary Jane and Venom off the top shelf at Walmart. I had to nerdly reach around to the top back part of the shelf and slowly move each figure down the back recess. I think I pulled a muscle trying to accomplish this.


Josh Miller said...

I kind of wanted Mary Jane until I saw her. Then I decided to pass on on her since I don't collect caveman variants.

Dan said...

she definately has some sort of unfortuante skin condition, a hunch back, and orange hair. Actually she looks more like the skinny blond girl neighboor to Peter Parker in the movies.

Rich Pinnell said...

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