Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Say...That's a nice hole puncher!

Oh, yeah Starscream is spiffy too. But I need to issue a warning! When you buy yours, make sure to look inside the box and under the wings to see if both cannons are included. I was missing one, and had to take it back. What are the odds? I never buy toys, and then when I finally get one, its missing a piece.

I planned to have more restraint, and thought I could just look at these new classic Transformers, but I keep buying them...Just Prime to go ironically. Hasbro really did some nice work with these things. My only complaint is that they could be bigger. Starscream looks kind of small for such a big character. Astrotrain needs to be HUGE! Megatron should really fire a bullet. Bumblebee was perfect though.

Ah yes, the Splatter Barrel picture in the back does look pretty, thanks! I was so excited when my parents took me to the fair to paint pictures a month ago. It's nice to get out once and awhile!

The hole puncher can punch up to six sheets of paper and three holes per piece!

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