Thursday, January 26, 2006

Oh God, Series 3, Here we go again...

I found the Star Wars Attactix series 3 starter pack today thus beginning another costly endeavor. I am going to try my best just to buy three extra booster packs and one cool deluxe Jabba pack. Thats it! I have no room for these guys. (lets just say there was a vacuum incident in the spare room situation) Actually series 3 isn't that enticing, with many figures being reused and the diversity all mostly from A New Hope. That's a good thing now, but when the mostly Empire Strikes back series comes out, I will be a poor poor toy collector. I just hope this time when I buy my first few packs I will get three unique rare ones and not three of the same right off the bat! Maybe they do that on purpose though? TO make my blood boil for more? Oh well, let the Wars of series 3 commence!

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